This castle is one of the biggest and most commonly seen castles in Better Dungeons. It can come in two varieties, one with a brick and flat roof or a sandstone triangular roof.

Basic BreakdownEdit

This castle has a simple breakdown: It has a LOT of rooms. A notable, uhh, "feature", is getting lost. Even if you are lost, it is pretty rewarding. It can be occupied by any mob except Pirates and Tritons. The castle has a massive layout, and even if you find a boss, it's a hassle to get out without a Golden Feather.  There is a rewarding feature about this place though: it has a horse stable. The horses have all the same stats and the same white color.

Rooms and CombatingEdit

While the layout is massive, there is a large amount of loot and rooms to explore. Starting a new world and finding these has a slim chance of survival. There are items though that can be crafted into better weapons and armor for fighting, if you can survive. Some rooms can't be labeled bat can be given "nick names". Some that can be known are: The Dining Room, The Banner Room, The Armory, The Alchemy Room, The Prison, The Boss Room, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Food Supply Area, and The Horse Stables. There is one strange room that will remain unnamed though, it appears to be empty but has a single strange "Banner". This banner can only be seen from one side and has an odd "static" appearance. When right clicked, say to remove it, it will teleport the player into it and consume all of his/her's hunger. If the banner holder is destroyed, it will only drop the banner holder and not itself.