In progressEdit

Revised castles generation, fixed some generation bugs, added more variation.

Fixed a bug reading biomes and dimensions.

Added some new rooms. Nether/end/interdungeon portal rooms


Daggers backstab multiplier is applied to user strenght instead of weapon damage.

Changed heavy boots for spiked gloves(chestplate, low defense, increased strenght), and added a heavy diamond set.

Bull helmet has a new special hability(sprinting).

Fixed some buffs with armor attributes.

Increased range for spears basic attack(left click). Mecha golem has reduced attack speed when ridden, and to summon you have to click on an iron tower with the spawner item.(Just like vanilla golem).

Reduced bullets base damage from 8 to 6. A new mob class, gladiator, uses a sword on each hand and have a spinning attack. German translation thanks to Vexatos

Walker king has a chance to spawn with Morning Shine sword & shield

A new renderer for player, for thirth person two handed swords and shieds. Can be enabled via config, can cause problem with other mods overriding player renderer.

Defensive swords(morning, moonlight, waker sword, wind sword) rewritted. Now include a shied, and while blocking it will add food saturation instead of dealing damage when attacked. Skeletons apply withter effect on nether, necromancer also turns wither on nether increasing his spell power and gaining some new spells.

Dungeon name should appear in crash logs .

New floor generator. Allows more complex room decorators and creates a path between rooms. Applied to castles and skyscrapers/skyscraper grid, also revised the generation of both.

New rooms: jail, dinning room.

Boss items  if nearby to expire will return to the original owner instead of despawning.

Pigmen swim on lava.

Mobs return home(spawner place) if their target it's dead/not found and they are far.

Mobs alert their captain if they find hostile targets in range.

Armor stand and table saving items to NBT correctly.

Fixed a bug with golden feather healing player.
Some new decoration blocks(WIP).
Added a mercenary controller. (Like mercenary controller but for Mecha golems only)
Fixed world generation crashes with tileEntities.
Fixed FPS drops caused by goblins.
Better AI for some ranged mobs.
Better AI for mob teams.
Reduced base damage on most of the basic mobs.
Premade dungeons(ships castles) now have the spawning chunk on the center.
Added a support structure on surface templates(castles, snow castles)
Fixed a bug with mecha golem targeting owner if isn't in a team.
Some tweaks in config files.
Morning shine and Moonlight add weakness effect(1) on hit, both and wind sword increased defense while blocking.