Dungeons are dynamically registered based on the files located at .minecraft/Chocolate/DungeonConfig. Each file containing a valid "builder" will be registered as a dungeon.

To specify a builder just write "builder = builderName", there are many different builders (premade buildings, procedural dungeons/caves).

There are other properties to configure the dungeons, some properties are present in all dungeons, and other properties are depending on the builder.

Main properties:

biomes = Plains, Desert

A list of biomes to spawn the dungeon, separated by ",".

chance = 10

Define the ratio at wich the dungeon spawns. The formula goes like that: every 5 (or the number specified as chunk separation in the main config file)chunks, there is 1 between the number set to chance probabilities to spawn a dungeon.

mob = default

This line defines the mob to be spawned on the spawners of this dungeon. Points to a mob register that provides mele, ranged, special and boss entities of the type specified. Valid mobs are: default(diferent mobs based on distance to spawn), skeleton, goblinGreen, goblinBlue, zombie, gremlin, specter, minotaur, golem, walker, dwarf, pirate, pigman, monkey, triton, ogre.

icon = 0

Is used for the spawning item.