Minecraft castle siege

Minecraft castle siege

Mobs from the mod are grouped in factions.

Mobs from the same faction are considered allies, allowing them to interact(support healing, talk, organize teams).

Entities in other factions will be attacked on sight.

Joining a faction can also command their bosses.

Zombie FactionEdit

Includes skeletons, specters and zombies

Pirate FactionEdit

Includes pirates

Walker FactionEdit

Includes walkers

Dwarf FactionEdit

Includes dwarves, golems

Beast FactionEdit

Includes monkeys, tritons, minotaurs and dogs

Goblin FactionEdit

Includes goblins, orcs, gremlins

Enderman FactionEdit

Includes endermen

Ogre FactionEdit

Includes ogres

Joining a factionEdit

A player can join any faction, right now there is nothing implemented to do it in survival, but can be done with commands.

To do it first you need to create a team named as the faction you want to get in.

For more detailed info about teams check vanilla scoreboard wiki

The command to do it it's /scoreboard teams add teamName. 

Then you need to get into that team:

/scoreboard teams join teamName playerName

For example if you want to join dwarves/golems you need to use those commands:

/scoreboard teams add dwarf

/scoreboard teams join dwarf yourMinecraftName

If you followed the steps correctly now you should be able to see the name and a health bar on the head of your allied mobs.

Right click on them will set it controlled by player, and you as his captain. You can also use the mercenary controller to assign other entities as captain.