The Hookshot is an item that can be crafted using string, an arrow, and seven diamonds and is used to pull oneself to ledges. It can also be found in dungeon chests.

Usage and behaviorEdit

When a player presses the right mouse button with a hookshot in their hand a hook will be

launched in a similar

A hookshot without the hook inside

manner to a bow, but will quickly come back to the player, when launched at a block, the hook will latch onto this block and then pull the player to the said block. Note that this does work with blocks such as glass and glowstone, but will go through liquids. If connected to a mob instead of a block, if the player is larger than the mob the mob is pulled to the player, if not, the player is pulled to the mob. If you are using the spider hook or the manual shot rather than directly pulling the player or pulling other things the player must use the 'jump' key (space by default) to lengthen the line and 'sneak' (LShift by default) will make the line smaller.

the longshot



a manualshot


the spiderhook

 There are four versions of the hookshot item:

Hookshot: default hookshot made by using diamonds, string, and an arrow, uses grab & pull movement scheme

Longshot: made by crafting together two hookshots, fires farther, uses grab & pull movement scheme

Manualshot: made by crafting together two longshots, fires even farther than a longshot, uses sneak & jump movement scheme.

Spider hook: dropped by spider boss fires farthest of all hookshots. Uses sneak & jump movement scheme.

Known bugs: none

Known incompatibilities: the smart moving mod is great with the rest of this mod, but unfortunately disallows the player to sneak mid-air making the manualshot and spiderhook mostly useless.