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The Mecha-Golem Controller is an item used to control where your Mecha Golem goes when you are not riding in it.

How to use the ControllerEdit

To use the Mecha-Golem controller you will need to establish a connection between the Mecha Golem and the Controller. To connect the controller to the Mecha Golem you Shift-Left-Click the Mecha Golem with the Controller. Upon doing this you will get a message in chat saying "Assigned Terminator Prototype to this item".

Once you have connected the Controller to the Mecha Golem , Shift-Right-Click to open the GUI for the Controller you can select 4 different motions for your Mecha Golem.

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The GUI for the Mecha-Golem Controller

- '"'Follow" Your Mecha Golem will follow you wherever you go.

"Ward" The Mecha Golem will stay at that spot, but will attack mobs if it sees any. Once it has killed all the mobs, it will return to the spot.

"Hold position" The Mecha Golem will stay in that spot, not moving around or attacking any mobs.

"Path" In this mode the golem will follow a path, but will attack mobs if there is any on sight. This mode requires a path assigned, to do that left click the golem with a pathmarker on hand.

Once a motion is selected, right click where you want your Mecha Golem to perform that motion. A flag will appear where you Right-Clicked for a few seconds, then fade away.


To craft the Mecha-Golem Controller you will need:

- 3 Redstone

- 1 Redstone Torch

- 1 Compass

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Crafting recipe (credit: NEI)