A Skeleton Archer, shown using the Sphax-PureBDcraft texture pack.

The Armored Skeleton is a hostile mob that is found in Better Dungeons castles within 1000 meters of the World Spawn. Skeletons may appear equipped with any type of Vanilla Minecraft weapons or armor. They may also carry one of the weapons from the Better Dungeons mod like a dagger, healing staff or grenades. The type of weapons and armor a skeleton has determines it's Class and makes it use different tactics in battle. Better Dungeons Skeletons look exactly like Vanilla Minecraft Skeletons except that they carry different weapons and have some different behaviors, for example they do not take damage and burn when exposed to direct sunlight. If you are using a texture pack the skeletons appearance may be changed. Armored skeletons have 20 Hit Points. Skeletons quickly mount and ride any spiders in the area and while mounted they travel at a faster speed. While mounted the spider will run straight into battle and force the skeleton to use melee attacks, the spider will not keep it's distance when ridden by archers or healers who have weak melee attacks and usually stand back while in battle. Skeletons can not swim, when they enter they water they stop in place and bob up and down and won't move. Skeletons can be stored and transported in capsules.

Armored Skeletons belong to the Zombie Faction which also includes Specters and Zombies. Armored Skeletons will attack mobs that belong to a different faction but will not attack members of their own faction. It is possible, by use of commands, to join the Zombie Faction so that the Armored Skeletons and their allies will follow you and fight for you. The Boss mob of the Armored Skeletons is the Necromancer.