The Soul Sword


The Soul Dagger

The Four soul weapon's sprites still appear inside the mod files but the weapons were removed after version 0.95 of the mod. 

Obtaining a Soul WeaponEdit

In versions of the mod for 1.2.5 and below there was a button called 'the better dungeons item use key' or something like that. when the player pressed that button while blocking with a wooden sword a GUI would apear that displayed buttons with the words 'big sword' 'sword' 'dagger' and 'cancel' pressing on any of the first three would cause your sword to turn into that item, and pressing cancel would close the GUI without changing your weapon. the staff was never in the game to begin with.

The Soul Bigsword.


All: the way that the swords worked was that you could feed them your XP points in exchange for making the weapon more powerful these weapons could mine anything besides bedrock however it took several levels for the player's hands to become slower than the weapon. they all had infinite durability as well. when the key mentioned above was pressed the weapon's GUI was accessed allowing for the player to input experience and make their weapon stronger including with several choosable enchantments. each weapon also had a special ability when right click was pressed.

dagger: when a player right clicks with a soul dagger in their hand a projectile is hurled consuming the dagger but once the projectile is touched by the player the weapon re-appears in their inventory.

Sword: when a player right clicks with a soul sword in their hand the player blocks just like what they would have done with the wooden sword.

bigsword: when a player right clicks with a soul bigsword in their hand that player will be hurled forwards a ways (officaily called charging) because this worked midair the bigsword was the best weapon if you wanted to get away from some scary boss monster.


The soul Staff, this sprite appears inside of the mod's files but was never actually in the mod.