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Volcanos are stuctures wich can occur in any biome. They are made out of stone, with a lot of ores in it. Lava pours down the volcano, both on the inside and the outside. Inside, there is a large spiral staircase made out of netherrack. On this stair, dwarf spawners can be found, as well as chests with loot in it. There are lavafalls inside the volcano, but there are also dark places in which monsters might spawn, so be careful, especially with creepers, for they can blow up the 1-block thick netherrack so you could fall though and land in lava or take fall damage. At the bottom of the volcano, there is a lava lake, as well as the entrance of a stronghold-like sturcure. This structure contains armored dwarves, as well as monsters (it's dark down there) and chests with valuable items. Unfortunately, this stronghold isn't far above bedrock, so your view will be obstructed due to void fog. The Exterminator Prototype boss can be found at the end of the stronghold, in a library like room. It looks like a giant Iron Golem and it deals a lot of damage, so be prepared. This boss guards eight double chests with very valuable items in them.