The Walker King is a boss mob of walkers in Better Dungeons. It has 250 hp (125 hearts), but it wears strong armor, giving it a very high defense. It can also deal significant damage to the player.

Weapon and ArmorEdit

The Walker King wears a Bull Helmet as the helmet, King Armor as the chestplate, diamond leggings and diamond boots. The Walker King holds a Walker Sword and a Walker Shield, it may also spawn with the Morning Shine and the Morning Shine Shield. The armor begins to break off once the Walker King starts to lose HP below certain levels.

The Walker King's AbilitiesEdit

The Walker King can teleport to its enemy, it uses its shield to block projectiles and reduce the atacker's melee damage, but it can't attack with its sword while defending with its shield. It can summon tornados like the wind staff, which can push attackers away, and it also can summon lightning. Should lightning strike the Walker King, it will regain a large amount of health. It will drink a Better Dungeons healing potion when it is at low health like other bosses.


There is no way of spawning it yet in the 1.7.10 forge, but it will spawn the Abyss Walker boss.