The Armored Zombie is a hostile mob that is found in Better Dungeons castles between 2000-3000 meters away from the World Spawn. Zombies may appear equipped with any type of Vanilla Minecraft weapons or armor. They may also carry one of the many weapons from the Better Dungeons mod like a dagger, healing staff or grenades. The type of weapons and armor a zombie has determines it's Class and makes it use different tactics in battle. Better Dungeons Zombies look exactly like Vanilla Minecraft Zombies except that they carry different weapons lalalla

and have some different behaviors, for example they do not take damage and burn when exposed to direct sunlight. If you are using a texture pack the zombies appearance may be changed. Armored Zombies have 20 Hit Points. Zombies can be stored and transported in capsules. Regular Vanilla Minecraft Zombies continue to spawn in dark places in the world, they are not replaced by Better Dungeons Zombies.

Armored Zombies belong to the Zombie Faction which also includes Specters and Skeletons. Armored Zombies will attack mobs that belong to a different faction but will not attack members of their own faction. It is possible, by use of commands, to join the Zombie Faction so that the Armored Zombies and their allies will follow you and fight for you. However zombies aren't the best choice for allies because they chase down and attack villagers as a top priority, so they are likely to run off and get lost. The Boss mob of the Armored Zombies is the Liche.